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Due to the limited number of spaces available we have broken up the registration and assessment process into three steps.


The first step involves getting to know you and your child. We use this information to help us gauge the best possible support system for your child and our ability to provide it during an academic year. Each student will be placed in a small group of 2 - 4 students with a similar skill set so that your child has a small cohort within which they will learn, whenever possible. icon-form-a


The second step involves a comprehensive registration process. Additionally, we would love to have you and your family as part of our community. At this stage we send you a registration package. We also ask to set up a time with us to start the assessment phase.

Formal Assessments

The final step is an assessment. At this stage we gather information to inform us about which level in the tier system would be best suited to your child. Additionally, we use this information to determine the level of support required.

We hold an hour long interview with the family going over strengths, weaknesses, challenges as well as the student’s likes and dislikes. We would like to hear from you about the goals, hopes and aspirations for your child.

We also conduct our own observation. During this time we assess several different skills: daily living skills, social skills, communication skills, academic and leisure skills. We identify the function of challenging behaviors and will do a preference assessment.

All of the above information is then used to create an individualized education plan for your child. This is how staff will be teaching, tracking progress and ensuring learning. The plan will include goals and strategies that will be implemented and each goal will be continually measured. All plans will have parents input and approval, in some cases students input too!

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